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Whether you’re buying a gift for a golfer, or simply treating yourself, an engraved putter will always be cherished. We can custom engrave your personal message onto one of our high quality putters!

Every time the golfer reaches for their putter they’ll see a personalized message produced for them alone. They’ll be reminded that their club is totally unique and will treasure it.

Here’s some of the life events we’ve engraved putters to commemorate: Birthday’s including 21st’s, 40th’s, 50th, 60th, 100th’s(!!), Best Man & Father of the Bride, Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, Graduation, etc, etc, in fact we’ve engraved putters for anything you could think of!
On some models we can engrave on the bottom of the head, whilst on others we can engrave along the shaft.

I have recently developed the ability to engrave the shafts of putters. This has allowed me to expand my range to high quality PING and ODYSSEY model putters.

Prices from £69.99 to £149.99



About Engraved Putters.com

Hi, my name is Gavin Bottrell.  

I live in rural Warwickshire, England only 20 miles from the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

  Call me on 07708 661 659  (within UK)

I pride myself on providing my customers with high quality products. All my putters are fitted with precision machined stainless steel shafts and all-weather luxury feel grips. Every putter is hand assembled and personally checked before dispatch by me.

The  putters are robust and designed for regular play. Unlike many golf gifts, gadgets and gizmo’s, they totally conform to the rules of golf as laid down by the governing bodies of the game. Any golfer lucky enough to own one can slot it straight into their bag with confidence that it will perform to modern standards.

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Gavin Bottrell, Southam, Warwickshire, England.

“I knew this would be the perfect present for my Dad. He loved it!”
Richard, Herts

“My husband was delighted when I got him a putter engraved with his name... he thought only professional golfers could get them.”
Ali, Staffs

Over 1000 customers served since 2007!

Facts about Putters

Golfers use their putter more than twice as often as any other club

Golfers keep their putters far longer than any other piece of golfing equipment

 The average golfer owns three putters

Golfers play better with putters that have aesthetic appeal

34% of golfers have pet names for their putters